Whether you are a new or experienced screenwriter, or producer, I can help you gain a fresh perspective on your project. I offer a comprehensive script editing, assessment and development service, tailored to the individual client's needs. 

I am a trained freelance script editor with over twenty years’ experience, assessing and developing feature film scripts for the UK Film Industry and international markets. I work with writers and producers at all stages of the script development process from treatment to final polish and pitch. I can provide a critical overview, assessing the strength and execution of your dramatic idea and potential market appeal. I offer in-depth analysis and diplomatic, constructive feedback on your script with suggestions about how to take it to the next level.


You can contact script-editor.co.uk for a one-off consultation, or ongoing editorial support throughout a series of drafts. My aim is to help you get to the heart of the story you want to tell and work out how to tell it in the most dramatically engaging way.


For Producers

  • Project assessment for feature film scripts

  • Editorial feedback throughout the script development process

  • Liaison between writers and producers during development process

  • Feedback on pitch documents

For Writers

  • Script Reports: include synopsis, log line + overview assessment of main story elements - premise, genre, theme, plot, structure, character, dialogue, visual style, feasibility etc. and recommendations for development. 

  • Script Notes: editorial support through-out the development process (typically 3 drafts), with deadlines to be agreed in advance, identifying key areas for development with suggestions for strengthening the script.

  • Treatments/Short Films: assessment and constructive feedback on your main story elements and potential market appeal.

  • Synopsis of your feature film or short film project.

  • Meetings: available via phone, zoom or face to face in London.


  • Script Development Workshops: aimed at writers’ groups and training organisations. These can take place in a single session, or over a series of meetings. The script consultant will lead the workshop, providing editorial feedback and facilitating group discussion on your feature film or short film projects. All participants are requested to circulate and read each other’s work before the session.

  • Training Sessions on assessing and developing scripts.






I am a freelance script-editor and workshop leader with 20+ years film industry experience. 


I initially began my career as a script reader in 1998 and gained extensive experience reporting for development and providing feedback for writers. I read for a wide range of Independent Production Companies, Training Organizations such as The Script Factory and First Film Foundation, and for National and Regional Screen Agencies e.g. UK Film Council, Scottish Screen, Film London, Screen South. I also assessed feature film scripts for the ‘Scriptmarket’ competition at the UK Screenwriters Festival and short film scripts for the Orange Film Four short film prize.


I then developed my career as a script editor, working with writers and producers in both the UK and around the world, and set up my own script consultancy in 2007. Notable highlights include working with filmmaker Andrew Kotting on two feature films; ‘Ivul’ (2009) commissioned by BBC Films, and Lek and the Dogs (2017) developed in association with the BFI and rated Sight and Sound’s film of the month.  I developed numerous feature film projects for the National Film and Video Foundation in South Africa and with Noble Pictures (Johannesburg), as well as an 11-part TV drama series ‘Nelson Mandela’s Favourite Folk Tales’ and award winning short film ‘Phindile’s Heart’. More recently I provided editorial feedback on a slate of feature film projects for Somesuch production co. in London. 


Throughout this period, I have worked extensively with producer Charlotte Wontner at Hopscotch Films and together we co-ran the Invicta writers’ group, developing film treatments with writers from the Screen South region. We currently run the Inward Eye Writers Workshop, an annual script development workshop in the Lake District, which runs alongside the Inward Eye Film Festival. I have also worked for the Metlab script development scheme at the London Metropolitan University as a script editor/learning mentor, and guest lectured on script writing at Regents University London, Cambridge University and Inspire Media Entertainment. 


I have an MA in Modern Drama, a Diploma in Drama and I am a voting member of BAFTA.


“Vicki Jung has worked for Hopscotch Films as a script editor on a varied range of genre features. The input and energy she has given these projects has been outstanding and her ability to unlock the creative potential of each writer has catapulted every project to a final script stage. Vicki  also led the Invicta Writers Group very successfully for several years. With her editorial skills and knowledge of the industry, Vicki managed to elevate each group of writers to a higher level with their projects and in most cases a final draft ready for packaging.”

Charlotte Wontner (Producer)

"I couldn't be more impressed with Vicki Jung.  She is a dramaturg, coach, mentor and teacher of the highest calibre. The feedback she’ll offer you on your work is astonishingly insightful and detailed. I was amazed to find this level of professionalism and intelligence about screenplay writing outside of the U.S. You can take or leave, of course, anything she says, but when she critiqued a project I developed under her supervision, I found 99% of her feedback right on the money and incredibly helpful, and the project I was working on grew by leaps and bounds because of her input. I highly recommend getting her input on your new  projects. Her teeth are ‘sharp as sharks', but they don't bite."
Chris Burgess (Screenwriter)
“We spent three fruitful days gathered around a huge oak table, in front of an open fire. Our task was to work intensely through each other’s scripts, reading, analysing, feeding back and offering ideas, all of which  was achieved with the minimum of rancour and the maximum of warmth. Much of this was down to Vicki Jung, the presiding script consultant, who was more than impressive with her insights and her ability to frame her ideas swiftly, fully and effectively, for the benefit of each writer”. 
Keir Alexander (Screenwriter) Inward Eye Writers Workshop 

Contact me to discuss your needs and to get a quote.

Here’s how it works:

You email me to discuss which service you require. I will usually respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. Once we have agreed on the service best suited to your needs,  you email your script and send payment via bank transfer. I will read your script and aim to deliver feedback within 14 - 21 days, unless otherwise agreed. 

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